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SETSC Business Goals, 2016

  1. Conduct two 8-hour cargo theft training classes in 2016 in North Georgia or Tennessee and in South Georgia. (8-hour POST Credits for LE)
  2. All corporate membership dues will come due in February 2016.
  3. Discussions are underway on the expansion of SETSC into chapters in Kentucky, Nashville, TN area and also merging with the Virginia Carolinas Council for Chapters in SC, NC and VA. Further discussion and plans are to have a SETSC Chapter in Florida. KSP – Sgt. Bobby Motley interested in running the LE side of the Kentucky Chapter. Discussions underway on holding a meeting either in Nashville, TN or possibly in Louisville, KY in the 1st Quarter of 2016 to kick this off.
  4. Bob Hastings will maintain the SETSC Cargo Theft Intelligence Bulletins on a bi-weekly or monthly basis for members.
    SETSC is planning on hosting some Webinars for hot topics related to the cargo theft (Comcheck fraud, fictitious pickups, common trends at the time of the webinar)
  5. SETSC will start putting together a pin map or heat map for common hot spots for theft and or theft recovery locations in Metro Atlanta or the Southeast USA. Members suggested we provide data on the product that is being stolen the most in these maps or charts. Common theft items will be provided in the bi-weekly intelligence bulletins.
  6. Work on more guest speakers at monthly meetings such as District Attorneys and other experts or contacts within the community.
  7. SETSC will work on getting the SETSC name out to local business associations, sheriff’s associations, and more.
  8. SETSC is working on securing email addresses, contact names and numbers for all District Attorneys for the circuits that cover all 159 counties for the State of Georgia. Once all information is obtained, SETSC will send out a broad distribution email with SETSC brochure, new Georgia cargo theft statute and the SETSC role as being a liaison to the GBI Major Theft Unit and all law enforcement working cargo theft in Georgia.