Southeast Transportation Security Council, Inc.

The SETSC monthly meeting will be held Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 from 10:00 am to 1200 Noon at the DeKalb County Police Headquarters.
DeKalb County Police Headquarters
1950 West Exchange Place
Tucker, GA 30276
(5th Floor of Fire Building — Peer Auditorium)
2 Hours Post Credits for Law Enforcement Officials
Proposed Agenda
1. SETSC Board Opening Comments – Bob Hastings – President, Angela Nelson – Vice President & Jerry Jacobs – Treasurer
2. Upcoming SETSC Cargo Theft Training Events for 2019
  • Port of Panama City, FL – Focus on Copper Commodities & Theft Awareness (Date Pending)
  • Miami Dade Cargo Theft Conference – April 30, 2019 thru May 3, 2019
3. John Cannon SAC – GBI-MTU – Updates on Cargo Thefts in Georgia
4. Bob Hastings SETSC – Metro Atlanta Cargo Thefts from 2018 into 2019 in Forest Park, Fairburn, & Atlanta
5. CSX Railroad Police – Railroad Theft Trends – Casey Camp & Chris Vaughn
SETSC members are requested to invite Corporate and Law Enforcement personnel from their respective and neighboring departments to this meeting. Please observe all safety rules posted.  POST credits available for Law Enforcement.